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In LinkSolution we offer the service of administration of Operating Systems which can be provided remotely or In House in the facilities of our clients. This administration is based on the commitment to safeguard information at all levels, in order to comply with strict rules and confidentiality agreements for the management of information. In general lines, the service provision consists of the following items. Sale, rental and leasing of Servers.


For all servers with Unix Operating Systems (Solaris, AIX, HP-U, SCO), Linux and Windows 2000/2003 Server.

Server Monitoring

The most important variables of the operating systems are monitored, maintaining the historical values ​​that allow to identify problems in the performance of the equipment. So problems are detected on a server, you can quickly contrast the current state with the histories facilitating the resolution of problems. Servers will be monitored constantly observing the thresholds for the generation of alerts / alarms in their most critical parameters (CPU, Memory, File System Space etc.). All critical alarm / alarm from the monitored Servers automatically generate incidents in the help desk system and are notified according to scaling procedures and the alert level of the problem. The historical data of each alarm can be consulted. Our task is to proactively address the problems that arise in the installation, as a control tool to maintain the availability of equipment, data and applications. The administration is centralized from a console, it is delegated in autonomous agents and intelligent. The information in the Hosts, under any platform, will be safeguarded as far as it refers to Operating System and configurations, directories of common use and finally a complete, less frequent protection and by changes of configurations. This last mechanism is extremely useful before a total ¨Crash¨ of the equipment.

User and Workgroup Management

The ABMs will be administered (ups, downs and modifications) on the profiles of users and work groups. Maintenance of documentation supporting such transactions. Advice to analysts on different aspects of security. It manages the different resources to be shared by users, monitoring the availability of them. Allocation of service quotas and priorities in a group and / or by user basis.

Testing new products

We will constantly test new products available in the market, in order to offer and maintain our customer with the latest advances in IT, in order to implement continuous improvement and fully meet the needs of different sectors of the company .

Reporting and consultancy

On a regular basis, reports on the state of charge of the different servers are issued, presenting, where appropriate, the different options capable of improving their performance. Advice on aspects related to security, preventive maintenance, performance and debugging of equipment.
Care of HW / SW suppliers.
Updating of new versions of products already in use, and of the provision of new ones that fulfill other functionalities useful for the installation and that belong to the standards accepted by our clients. Follow up of the incidents that involve the servers of the network, since The HW point of view as SW.

Standards and procedures management

Application of procedural policies established in conjunction with our client regarding administration of users, work groups, common resources, data availability, bakup policies, etc.

Attention to Corporate Standards - ITIL

In the event that the client wishes, we are experts in ITIL, and we collaborate in the consultation, analysis and maintenance of the software and hardware adopted as Corporate Standards, as well as the advice to the users on the best application of those standards. >


Critical parameter measurements of the servers will be made, in the form of historical graphs, and resolution alternatives will be offered to the detected problems, so that management will make the most convenient decisions.

Back Up and Restoration

Support will be provided for the Automatic Centralized Administration of the corporate back-up system. All backups will be made with the system in use by the client or with the one provided by LinkSolution. Maintenance of the magnetic media library and retention periods for each.

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